“What the Hell Are You Doing Here?”

This is a clip from the end of one of my favorite episodes of “The West Wing”. In the midst of this scene is a dramatic retelling of a modern parable. God intervenes for us in many ways. Many times He intervenes for us in ways that are startling and miraculous. Far more often, God intervenes in ways that are simple and mundane: simply sending the right person at the right time. This parable reminds us that we are foolish to ignore the help we receive through earthly means in favor of some great divine intervention. It reminds us that sometimes those earthly means are the divine intervention. Recently I was counseling someone who was worried that undergoing a particular surgery may be demonstrating a lack of faith. She worried that she might be rejecting God’s intervention by accepting a more human means of healing. I reminded her that God does demonstrate His power through fire, smoke, and parted water, but just as often He demonstrates it through a scalpel and a steady hand.

Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear…


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